Revolutionizing the industry by significantly increasing production yield while cutting fermentation time in half.


Conversion of the Vinasse in Sugarcane Ethanol Production

- from contaminant to organic fertilizer -

The sugarcane ethanol production process creates 10 to 13 liters of vinasse for every liter of ethanol produced.  The vinasse is an environmental contaminant that requires treatment at a significant additional cost to the plant.  Using BioT3 in the fermentation process substantially improves the quality of the solid and liquid residual elements while reducing their quantity.  The residual elements are more easily treated at considerably lower cost and allows the plant operator, by adding simple organic additives, to convert the vinasse into an organic fertilizer.  This fertilizer increases the bioavailability of nitrogen, thus lowering the dependency on nitrogenous compounds.

-  A significant benefit to both, plant profitability and the environment -

Expected Enhancement of DDGS in Corn Ethanol Production

A version of BioT3 is currently being tested for use in the corn ethanol industry.  During the fermentation process BioT3 stimulates the yeast through the bio-potentiation of its nutrition. The optimization of these processes would also allow for residual elements to have a greater opportunity for biological transformation, giving them a greater degree of bioavailability and accordingly, increasing the nutritional elements and factors.  It is expected that in the case of corn ethanol, the use of BioT3 would have the effect of raising the conversion between protein consumption and the production of meat and milk in animals fed the DDGS produced.


An Organic Biological Booster for the

Ethanol Fermentation Processes

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