Revolutionizing the industry by significantly increasing production yield while cutting fermentation time in half.


  1. Bio-T3 is a fully organic product of vegetable origin composed of natural extracts.

  1. Rich in secondary metabolites, Bio-T3 improves the speed and efficiency of yeast protein synthesis.

  1. The organic components of Bio-T3 reduce the potential toxicity of heavy elements in the fermentation process. 

  1. Allows for the replacement of all or part of the chemical nitrogen nutrition in the fermentation process.  Bio-T3 replaces 90% of the nitrogen additives required. The use of all other components is unchanged and continued under the same process.  

  1. Bio-T3 contains organic 1% organic nitrogen (v/v).

  1. The amounts of Bio-T3 used are minimal (20ppm) in comparison to conventional chemical products used for the same nutritional purposes.

  1. Bio-T3 inhibits biological processes that compete with, or otherwise do not contribute to, boosting ethanol production. 

  1. Ethanol production is substantially increased and fermentation time considerably reduced, while, at the same time, the solid and liquid residual elements are improved in quality and reduced in quantity.  These residual elements are therefore more easily treated in order to either: achieve their final disposition with minimal environmental impact; or, in most cases, their advantageous use as animal nutrition or plant fertilizer


An Organic Biological Booster for the

Ethanol Fermentation Processes

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