Revolutionizing the industry by significantly increasing production yield while cutting fermentation time in half.


Are there any physical plant modifications required in order to replace the current nutrient packages with Bio-T3™?

No, BioT3 simply replaces 90% of the nitrogen requirement of your current nutrient package.

No physical plant modifications are required and there are no additional production costs.

Can you obtain onsite assistance when initially incorporating Bio-T3™ into your ethanol facility?

Specialists from Bio-T3™ will be available, at no additional cost, to supervise and provide assistance in the incorporation of Bio-T3™ into your existing ethanol facility. 

Full technical support will be available on an ongoing basis.

How quickly can the  Bio-T3™ process be implemented in an ethanol processing plant?

IMMEDIATELY. Bio-T3™ is available for purchase and delivery to your existing plant facilities today. 

  1. Test shipments are delivered in high-density plastic containers of 4, 20, or 60 liters.

  2. Production shipments are delivered in 1,000-liter, high-density plastic containers.


An Organic Biological Booster for the

Ethanol Fermentation Processes

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